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Dog Training made simple, fun and exciting...

Silvana & Teddy, FLORIDA, USA

Anita is great! Really understand dogs. Love her method... it actually works! Would highly recommend!

Rebecca with Byron & Bonnie, LAGOS, PORTUGAL

I cannot recommend Anita highly enough for anyone who is looking to help their dog improve or change their behaviours. Anita came to my home and helped me with my two rescue dogs and their various problematic behaviours that were causing stress to both myself and to my dogs! She was patient, kind and reassuring, and with her incredible knowledge and training she was able to alter their behaviours and give me the tools to continue with the training that she had started with me and my dogs in our home. She continued to be on hand even after the training sessions to further reassure me. I am forever grateful to what Anita did to help me and my beloved dogs.

Di with Bonnie & Lilly, ALVOR, PORTUGAL

Anita is extremely good without wanting to sound dramatic she has helped me change my life completely to a point where I can now walk both of my dogs together off lead .. previously my rescue would try and attack every dog she came into contact with ... now it is a joy to walk my dogs...

Kate with Buddy & Daisy, ALMANCIL, PORTUGAL

I cannot recommend Anita at Algarve Dog Training, enough.
Fantastic techniques which are communicated to both owner and dog simply and clearly - easy to use guides with instant results.
Anita is hugely knowledgeable and on hand once training is over to offer advice and encouragement and answer and queries.
Couldn't be more happy with the results - one very happy owner and 2 obedient dogs.....Thank you!!

Laura with Lyra, SINGAPORE

We adopted Lyra and she had a real fear of crates as she has been put into them before against her will. We had to move her from SG to HK and wanted her to be comfortable in the crate so that the journey wouldn't be so scary for her. We were at the point of losing hope of her every being ok in the crate when a friend recommended Anita's services. Thank god for this! We were away and asked Anita to take Lyra for 9 days and do 6 sessions of crate training - TOTALLY WORTH IT! She got more and more comfortable in her crate and her journey was that little bit more pleasant. Would definitely recommend both TRAINING and BOARDING services - it is nice to know your pet is staying with someone who knows what they are doing and who treats your baby well!


I have never known anyone so devoted to dogs and their welfare as Anita. She has fostered so many and helped find many more a forever home. Couldn't recommend her enough. Wonderful lady and family. 


Olivier with Otah, SINGAPORE

A much loving & caring holistic trainer, both training your doggy and his pawrents. she helped us with our Beagle puppy (god knows they are not the easiest one) to be more relaxed, calm, assertive, and happy, and that does not destroy home and respect our boundaries (it’s still a puppy, but she is almost there and we have now the right tools to help).

Andrea with Barnaby & Ebony, CARVOERIO, PORTUGAL,

I can highly recommend Anita. I've been using her grooming services for some time now and am very happy. She has a lot of knowledge on what is best for all sorts of breeds. My dogs adore Anita, and she certainly knows how to handle them in a kind , loving way. I'm going to use her training services soon too as I have a lot of confidence that she can help with my dogs "issues"